you're too mean, i don't like you, fuck you anyway

18 - london - hot guys - american tv
- aspiring architect - borderline ocd

can i please just give mickey milkovich a hug?

mickey adding two more to his list of nicknames for ian.

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this was good, i liked this

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He stays here. He’s staying with me.

the number of fucking voice cracks mickey has in the scene is killing me

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my followers : confidence ratio is way off



smooth af



smooth af

If you could trade your twin’s personality with another person…

my babiess

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man i really want to know jake’s virginity story

i needs to know it

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Road Trip Part 1 (New Jersey)

jakey’s into it

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“I had to go to Boston with my girlfriend. Stayed with her dad. Could not have been more uncomfortable.
He wouldn’t let us sleep in the same bedroom together, he goes “sorry buddy, I just don’t trust you”.
I said “trust me buddy, I’m fucking your daughter””

—    anthony jeselnik

community bitch

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the way he says “get”

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this is so perfect

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“Sure my dad had his problems, you know. Had his issues. My dad was a big time alcoholic. Major league alcoholic. Blackout every night kind of alcoholic. But, to his credit, my dad never once laid a finger on either me or my mom, not once. And i don’t know if it’s just because he loved us so much, or if he just hated my sisters, but either way… either way he was a great dad.”

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if you weren’t sure why i loved mickey before now…

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